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ART CONGRESS COLOGNE will focus on current developments and trends in todays international art market for private collectors as well as professional art market participants such as banks and family offices including legal and tax-related conditions, authenticity, lending, logistics and online sales.

April 23, 2013 - Technical summary of the art market legal title risk challenges facing the U. non-profit museum community including general museums and university museums NEWS RELEASE - The time is ripe for museums and the museum community as a whole to reconsider their approach to managing ownership risks of purchases, gifts and deaccessions and the spectrum of market exposures to WWII and other theft, cultural patrimony, restricted gifts and financial lien claims, which have increasingly and consistently been the genesis of litigation.Bodo Sartorius will join ARIS as chief operating officer and senior EU executive effective January 1, 2014. on December 7, 2013 at 2pm at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Hall C auditorium.November 18, 2013 - ARIS Title Insurance Corporation launches initiative to establish international legal-scientific standards for emerging authenticity technologies in global art market BUSINESS WIRE - ARIS is pleased to announce its launching of an eighteen-month project aimed at establishing a framework for implementing technologies intended to address the issue of authenticity of fine art and collectibles in the global market following, as the art market's title insurer, receiving inquiries over the past year from technology firms and other art market stakeholders about object-identification solutions.See also the January 5, 2015 interview of ARIS Chief Operating Officer Dr.Bodo Sartorius on the predicted shift toward increased compliance around art assets to control illegal trade, fakes and forgeries, money laundering and similar trade-regulatory dynamics in the art industry, which in turn will increase market transparency, due diligence requirements and the use of full risk mitigation tools.

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