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Not only is there little evidence for the claim that empathy is necessary, there is also reason to think empathy can interfere with the ends of morality.A capacity for empathy might make us better people, but placing empathy at the center of our moral lives may be ill‐advised.It is something we should cultivate because it makes us better people. But it is also sometimes suggested that empathy is somehow necessary for morality.That is the hypothesis I want to interrogate and challenge.

He shared question strategies, tips and techniques he had carefully collected over the years.Some may fear that this is some new crackpot liberal conspiracy idea to make sure that the Taliban take over America and get rid of Dick Cheney and the Tea Partiers. On June 28, Elena Kagan was vetted by the United States Senate to determine if she was suitable to join the Supreme Court of our land.In his opening remarks at those hearings, our honorable white, male, and good Christian Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama said, These are examples of a growing trend in responding to harmful actions and building trust between individuals and communities called Restorative Justice.Letting a giant conglomerate call the shots, is that empathy? He emphasized the social entrepreneurs ability for empathy.Obama is coming across as a cool technocrat and I think it's hurting him. According to Drayton, deep empathy is highly infectious, inspiring many to follow and become change-makers who seek to improve the world...

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