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He was unlike any 'hero' ever and she was unlike any 'heroine' ever. They were perhaps the most real couple to have graced the screen ever. They were the working class - doing what working class people did, wearing what the working class wore, lived as the working class lived and showed the troubles the working class faced.

And they were absolutely brilliant while doing that.

They are the Golden Couple of Bollywood and no one can recreate their chemistry.

The fact that both of them were outlandishly good-looking only helped matters.

There was a certain kind of restraint in those days when romantic scenes were concerned and it depended on the actors to carry such scenes skillfully, something that Vyajantimala and Dilip Kumar aced at. These movies were so great that current filmmakers worship them.

Together they look like the most popular couple in school and that is what works in their favour.

He is the boy next door and she is the bossy tomboy. Although they have done only one movie together, their chemistry is too potent for us to not include them on this list.

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Bollywood does a few things perfectly - influences us to dream big and have unrealistic expectations from our love life.

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