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For her it was the values, global perspective, and education her son Max would receive in Germany that made—and continue to make—the experience fantastic.

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Children are capable of learning languages more quickly than adults, and early exposure to a second language can single moms bonn the difference between faltering intermediate-level German proficiency and native fluency.

A child is a good motivation for expat parents to improve their language skills, then the benefits for their children are even greater.

America—where Jennifer lived until she met her husband—is not a country known for its social programs or informed global perspective. Philadelphia passed a paid sick leave law that took effect in May.

For those on TANF, it provides professional attire for job interviews, employment and training.

But she was surprised to find the caseworker judging her clothes and manicure.

She was finally free, but now she was on her own with a growing family.

About 40 percent of single moms in Pennsylvania are in poverty; more than 30 percent of women going it alone are unemployed, according to Census data.

You feel excited, terrified, overjoyed, and anxious.

Though the thought might seem overwhelming, having a child often helps expats improve their own language skills—if only out of sheer necessity.

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She quit her full-time job as a records clerk at St.

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