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Enter Missive, a recently launched app that adds collaboration to email threads.The app makes it possible to collaboratively write emails with coworkers or hold group chats within one, a feature that can be especially useful for eliminating seemingly endless internal email chains.Adding its own quirks to a field dominated by Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, Legends divides its play area into “lanes” that dictate whether units are safe or vulnerable.That modal wrinkle along with counter-play twists that can send matches seesawing, puts just enough spin on the ball to give Legends novelty bragging rights.The tool makes it possible to stitch together photos and videos, all while letting users add elements like text, emoji, and filters.Plenty of apps include such capabilities, but Clips offers a bit more intelligence when it comes to adding captions.With more than 40 recipes, its selection is limited compared to the more than 50,000 recipes in Food Network’s app and the 1,000-plus choices available in All Recipes.But where it shines is in the selection of filters available, making it easy to find meals targeted at specific dietary needs, like post-workout, gluten-free, low-carb, and high-protein, among others.

And without quality apps, that 0 smartphone in your pocket is as good as useless.Magikarp Jump is so dumb it might be brilliant, a “clicker” game in which you jab a screen as fast as possible to make things happen ad infinitum and progress is the upshot of mere persistence.But The Pokémon Company admirably wraps its critter-catching mythos around the micropayment grind in a way that encourages playing in bursts, its natural stops allowing the real world clock to catch you up and eliminating the need to spend actual money.The selfie app has existed for years, enjoying popularity in Asian markets, but only recently became popular in the U. You’d be forgiven for not knowing Meitu by name, but you’ve probably seen its work on Instagram and Facebook.One of the photo editing app’s most distinguishing features is the hand-drawn filters it offers, transforming self portraits into anime-style artwork.

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