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I was eager to hear the tone of those two instruments in particular on the tune 'African Village'.they were astounding, far beyond what I had even imagined. And the drums were incredible, the high-hat and bass drum came at you from different directions, making it seem like there were two drummers in the room.

If men engaged in the same behavior as the women with being psychotic, they would have their profiles removed.

I'm a non-audiophile music geek and lack the vocabulary for this, so I'll start with: walking into the sound testing room was like getting into a hot-springs bath.

We took seats in a semi-circle facing the wall of the AGS wood and the two speakers set in the middle of the room, then three different pieces of music were played for us; an orchestral piece, a church choir, and The Carpenters.

I've come across endless profiles on OKC which were gay men, prostitutes, etc.

The actual women who use the site are rude, angry nutcases who are there only to insult men.

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