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Fire Emblem might be a more obvious example as to why love strategy = ummm… In the game, characters bond when they assist each other in battle.This was actually the most enjoyable part of it for me, making sure certain characters were together (I kept a very close log of who I was shipping), and it felt like spending time together, in a weird way.

If this happens enough times, they get small cutscenes that develop their relationship and level it a rank.While there are no (announced) new consoles coming up in 2018, the coming year’s games already threaten to rival 2017.Here are 15 games that could make this year a banner year for the indoor kids.If the relationship is between a man and a woman, eventually you will meet their child and they will become a participant in battle.It only takes a small perusal through Game FAQs and other materials to see how much the marriage aspect is gamed, who is considered a good father and mother, and how to get the best children.

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Which is weird, I guess there is some strange carry over of brother in arms and getting the girl sort of seeped into everything.

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