Especially when it comes to fraternities and sororities, casual sexual encounters are highly encouraged.Of course, they are people who are dating, but they just found what they were looking for and are completely satisfied with their relationships.Open-minded and friendly American are not afraid of meeting new people, while in Russia internet dating is not really acceptable.Finally, in Russia people mainly date for the sake of creating a family and having children (this is one of the main priorities of the Russian mentality), while in America you don’t necessarily have to date to get married or have children. I come from Moscow, Russia, and this is my third year in the United States.I was an exchange student in Colorado, where I got a chance to graduate from high school, and this year I am starting my junior year at Cornell College in Iowa.

I would say that around 70% of my college population is not looking for anything serious, and the actual dating is really rare.

But, let’s step away from those philosophical talks full of nonsense and truth, and look at the dating culture in the great lands of America.

But before I share how drastically different American dating scene is for me, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Russia has been holding the stereotypes of highly conservative country, and to be honest I could not agree more.

Even if Russian girls might be super obsessed with their looks and clothes, the dating scene is very conservative.

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At 1510 m asl, Treugol’naya Cave, Russia, is the highest cave showing evidence for human occupation in eastern Europe.

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