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Iceland runs almost completely on renewable energy.Affected by the ongoing worldwide financial crisis, the nation's entire banking system systemically failed in October 2008, leading to a severe depression, substantial political unrest, the Icesave dispute, and the institution of capital controls. Icelandic culture is founded upon the nation's Scandinavian heritage.

Following a period of civil strife, Iceland acceded to Norwegian rule in the 13th century.Its high latitude and marine influence keep summers chilly, with most of the archipelago having a tundra climate.According to the ancient manuscript Landnámabók, the settlement of Iceland began in 874 AD when the Norwegian chieftain Ingólfr Arnarson became the first permanent settler on the island.Ingólfr was followed by many other emigrant settlers, largely Scandinavians and their thralls, many of whom were Irish or Scottish.By 930, most arable land on the island had been claimed; the Althing, a legislative and judicial assembly, was initiated to regulate the Icelandic Commonwealth.

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