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In the same year, Paragraph 135a of the Penal Code was amended to prohibit hate speech directed at LGBT people.

The country has banned discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment since 1998.

The new legislation amended the definition of civil marriage to make it gender-neutral.

Norway's upper legislative chamber (Lagtinget) passed the bill in a 23–17 vote.

Although the definition of allowed pictures is often vague and subject to personal opinion of the moderator.Norway was ranked second, just above Denmark and below Iceland, with a GHI score of 77.The website is owned and run by the private aksjeselskap Gaysir AS.The first parliamentary hearing, including the vote, was held on 11 June 2008 approving by 84 votes to 41 a bill that will allow same-sex couples to marry.This came after the Norwegian Government proposed a marriage law on 14 March 2008, that would give lesbian and gay couples the same rights as heterosexuals, including church weddings, adoption and assisted pregnancies.

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