Were dating red flags good signs

All I am saying is that it is part of a relationship.

I’ve seen quite a few of couples or families go through difficulties in life such as divorces, disagreements, and fights because of financial issues.

If you find out that your loved one is lying about his or her personal finances, then, you need to sit down, have a talk, and see if he or she is hiding more than just the finances.

Many hope that time can help solve the problem but, sometimes, it doesn’t.

It’s also about money or how to deal money to be specific.

I’m not saying relationship is just about money and that you need to think about it before you go in a relationship or in marriage.

Bankruptcy is one of the solutions that people avail whenever they are in deep money trouble and they can’t find other ways to solve their money problems.

In a relationship, there should always be transparency especially when it comes to finances.

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If you find out that your loved one filed for bankruptcy in the past, you may find the need to ask why it happened.

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