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The 57th Filmfare awards took off on a different beat.Unlike other award functions, the media had to wait out of the gate and couldn’t get a dekko of the stars on the red carpet.

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As you watch them, you can imagine that this couple will happily grow old together.

The only jarring moment in Bubble Gum comes at a party when the children break into a really bad song that the film could have done well without.

There are also certain technical aspects that should have been better handled. This is a world before cellphones and the Internet, when children connected on real playgrounds and not through SMS or virtual chatrooms, when too many essential items had to be ordered from the US, when even the most sincere adults would use the word “handicapped” with no malice whatsoever.

The lighting, for instance, seems ineffective in several places, which takes away some of the sheen from this otherwise utterly endearing film. With humour and sensitivity, Bubble Gum says so much about adolescence, disabilities, parenting and changing times without seeming to say much at all.

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